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Company History
The German company RAWIE was founded in 1882 by Franz Rawie, specialising in processing steel.
In 1902 RAWIE started to develop track closure systems to serve as warning marks for the end of a track, whereby, in the event of a train impact, their function being the absorption of the kinetic energy, resulting of speed and weight of the impacting trains, minimizing the damage or the potential damage to the impacting train, the passengers or its surroundings – such as buildings.
Product Range

Friction buffer stops
The modern friction buffer stop is based on the single braking elements that are integrated into its construction, thus providing a calculable braking capacity.
In the event of a large train mass or impact speed, hydraulic or elastomer cylinders and additional retarders behind the buffer stops can be installed to absorb the kinetic energy in the event of a collision. The advantage of adding hydraulic or elastomer absorbers to the buffer stop is, in the event of a low energy impact, this energy is transferred to the hydraulic or elastomer cylinder without moving the buffer stop. In this case, the maintenance work is reduced considerably.

Fixed buffer stops
As a rule, fixed buffer stops are not able to slide due to direct attachment with bolts to the running rail. In the event of a collision they cannot slide along the running rails of the track like friction buffer stops, and consequently they cannot provide an equivalent braking capacity. This is not necessary as its use is limited to where minor impacts may occur.
With fixed buffer stops, if there is a desired requirement for the kinetic energy of an impacting train to be absorbed, then the buffer stop will need hydraulic or elastomer cylinders or mechanical energy absorption devices.

Other types of braking devices
-Folding buffer stop systems
-Crane way buffer stops
-Standard and raising/foldable wheel stops

Car loading systems/special steelwork for railways, metro and LRT systems
Loading systems manufactured by RAWIE are used to load and unload road vehicles onto railway wagons safely and promptly.
References in Portugal
  • RAWIE has supplied approximately 80 buffer stops to the Portuguese railways, either to REFER or through railway subcontractors.
  • Approximately 120 buffer stops from RAWIE are also in operation in Lisbon METRO.
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