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Mors Smitt UK

Company History
MORS SMITT UK is a leading supplier of specialized and approved products for the railway industry including signaling relays and train protection and warning systems.

The company has over 150 years in the industry and is today a member of the Mors Smitt Netherlands group, world leaders in the design and manufacture of top quality and highly reliable switching, measuring and automation products and systems for rail and other demanding industries.  

Through its former brand names of Tyer, Field and Grant and STS Rail and with an international customer base, MORS SMITT UK has established itself as a global provider of electronic and electro-mechanical products and solutions for railway applications.

Product Range
MORS SMITT UK designs and manufactures a wide range of products which include the following:

Signaling Relays
The company has been manufacturing BR930 series relays since the 1960’s and has supplied a wide variety of versions to railway operators throughout the world.

  • Customised design to British Rail specifications
  • No minimum order quantity
  • 6 to 8 week leadtime
  • Optional 2 week fast track delivery service
  • Special purpose relays and electronic modules
  • Fully Network Rail (formally British Rail) approved
  • Sole licensee for Alstom Z type relays
TPWS and AWS Products and Systems
TPWS is the UK’s national Train Protection and Warning System and incorporates AWS (Automatic Warning System) for the control of trains at signals and speed restrictions. The system is used in a number of international markets and MORS SMITT UK designs and manufactures trainborne systems.

  • Complete Trainborne Systems
  • TPWS Control Units
  • TPWS Antennas
  • AWS Receivers
  • AWS Alarm and Indicator Units
Specialized railway products including:

  • Circuit Controllers
  • DSD Footpedals
  • AWS Magnet Strength and Polarity Meters
  • AWS and TPWS Test Equipment
  • Electric Key Token Instruments
  • Custom Design Service
Network Rail
Unipart Rail
Bombardier Rail Control Solutions
Volker Rail
Signalling Solutions

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