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Company History
ZWEIWEG is a global specialist in road rail vehicles. Since the sixties, ZWEIWEG has manufactured road rail vehicles of all sizes at their location in Germany, close to Cologne. Whether pickup, transporter, Unimog, construction vehicle or trucks of all weight classes - ZWEIWEG put them all on rail tracks. Their qualified and long-standing staff guarantee for the quality and reliability of your vehicle.

ZWEIWEG combine the basic vehicle, superstructures, equipment and rail drive system to a customized unit with all necessary registrations. Their costumer service is at your disposal to ensure the long life of your investment - a vehicle life long.
Product Range
ZWEIWEG delivers quality 'Made in Germany' for the use on rails around the world. Already during the development and design of the ZWEIWEG vehicles the company use modern methods of construction, their long-standing experience and professional competence for the optimum implementation of customer requirements. Primary objectives are reliability and cost-effectiveness considering highest quality standards and environmental aspects. This is implemented in their modern production and final assembly by qualified employees. Each vehicle goes through an extensive test program on their test plant before it is delivered.

Since 1994 their quality has been approved according to DIN EN ISO 9001. So ZWEIWEG high-quality products are manufactured for highest requirements and long durability. Their customers rely on this quality to use their vehicles – and they do it worldwide. ZWEIWEG vehicles work solidly in the Brazilian rainforest as well as in the deserts of Africa. More than 4,000 vehicles were provided for all track gauges in over 60 countries.

Describe your work on rails - the company will project for you the optimal solution based on a ZWEIWEG vehicle.

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