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Harp Visual Communications

Company History
HARP VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS is a supplier of robust large screen displays designed specifically for use in the transportation arena.

This company was established in 1998. The managements are all degree qualified engineers and this management back ground has been its key factor for success in developing products that can work and communicate in rail, urban and maritime environments.
HARP design and manufacture display technology equipment for rail/underground environments and has been independently certified. This coupled with the ability to drive the unit as a standalone unit integrated monitoring facility ensure that HARP gives the best product/cost solution for their clients with a system highly reliability, easy to install, easy to monitor and easy to maintain.

The highest quality screens and glass has been selected to give the best possible image.
HARP’s Passenger Information displays can be used in any environment: for rail, for road, for flight.

Product Range
HARP Rhino Displays
The Rhino series of displays have been designed to work in all types of environments.  The main casing is constructed from steel with an aluminum screen cassette.
LCD’s are protected using laminated safety glass with both internal and external antireflective coating.

HARP Rhino, with several different support: Wallmount, single Totem, Dual Sided Totem…
  • Rhino e55: low consumption, reduced thickness, IP65, BSi approved display housing for LCD screens. Suitable for use in all weather environments
  • Rhino65, several sizes (from 20” to 70”), IP65, LCD display, sunlight readable, with PC (optional)
  • Rhino54, 57”, IP54, LCD display with PC (optional)
  • Holoscreen, for projection solutions
HARP has proven display technology now running in over 200 sites in the UK.
For the past 12 years HARP has been designing and supplying displays for LONDON UNDERGROUND, NETWORK RAIL, GLASGOW UNDERGROUND, MERSEYTRAVEL and the main airports in the UK.

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