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Company History
ZAGRO Bahn-und Baumaschinen GmbH is a German company located in Grombach in the South of Germany, founded in 1969.
It’s a company with 40 years of experience at development and manufacturing of road/rail vehicles.
ZAGRO cooperates with other company, that we also represent, ZWEIWEG and SRT to offer the ideal solution to the customers.  
ZAGRO manufactures and develops several products range and services for road / rail transport, like road / rail vehicles and railcar movers.
ZAGRO was developed, fabricated and introduced the railcar mover.
Product Range
Mini railcar mover
- used for shunting with up to 150 tons total weights on embedded rails.

Maxi railcar mover
- used for shunting up to 200 tons push and pull capacity.

Fork-lift railcar mover
- a combination between a forklift and a platform to the rails. A forklift could make the platforms’ transport to the rails and then drives onto it for the shunting work. This combination could shunts up to 600 tons on level plane tracks.

- used for shunting with up to 200 tons push and pull capacity, has electrically driven wheels (4 drive motors), has also two selectable speeds.

ZAGRO was involved in 2000 on a project to improve rail infrastructure maintenance in South Africa involving some companies, such as Spoornet, Nissan Diesel and Viamax Fleet Solutions. ZAGRO supplied track guiding axles as mounting kits.
ZAGRO delivered 66 Actros rail guidance kits to Koluman for customer TCDD Turkish State Railway

Strukton from Netherlands have used this kind of vehicles since 1998. At present owns 22 Sprinter vehicles and intend to buy 10 additional vehicles.

BASF SE - The Chemical Company in Germany is using the E-Maxi since August 2008. They are satisfied using this device in all required shunting operations.
DB Regio AG in Germany is using the E-Maxi since November 2007. They are satisfied with the benefits of this equipment and they are assured from the easy and secure handling of the railcar mover.
NedTrain in Netherlands since 2006 have been used E-Maxi railcar movers for shunting of wagons and locomotives. They planned to order additional units in 2009.

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